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The Snail is a poem about existence. As small as those who trace it, as large as those who traverse it.

If any adult wishes to read this book, they should read it out loud, without making any mistake, and only under strict supervision by a responsible child.

If you would like to read this book, click here.

If you would like to support the author of this book, you can make a PayPal donation to: alejandro.vegetus@gmail.com

About the author:

Alejandro Ayala Polanco, is a pioneer of veganism in South America and considered the father of the antispeciesist children’s literature in Chile.

Alejandro is the creator of Homovegetus.cl (started in 2002), the first website about veganism in Chile, and founder of the vegan fonda “El Huaso Vegetariano” (started in 2006). This fonda was the original impetus for the current movement of vegan fondas and festivals during the national holidays in Chile (A fonda is a traditional Chilean food and music event, many of which typically take place all over Chile every September).

He is the author of more than ten published books, including «El libro de las ironías veganas» (“The book of Vegan Ironies”) and the suggestively titled «Haz el amor con lxs veganxs» (“Make love with vegans”).

In 2019, Alejandro has been awarded the Shining World Compassion Award by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in appreciation of his creative activism that aims to foster a society in which animals are respected.


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